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Problem Real Estate, We Can Help

What are your goals? Let’s accomplish them together. SolveMyHouse is a “one-stop” rundown property solution for homeowners who feel they have nowhere else to turn. We understand that every property and owner is different, our goal is to present you the necessary information and tools to make a decision that works best for you.

Run Down Home

My property has a lot of potential but it’s run down. I need help.

Can’t Afford Property

Property taxes and insurance are too high. I need to sell.

No Idea What To Do

I know I need to do something but I’m not an expert. I need guidance.

Fix For Rent

Let us turn your money pit into a cash cow. Our professional construction and management teams are ready to help you today!

Sell For Cash

Need to sell quick or want to avoid any further involvement? We purchase properties for cash and can close within 14 business days.

Fix To Sell

From the initial planning stages to helping you locate a licensed real estate agent, we are ready to help every step of the way.

How We Solve & How It Works

Our system works because we put the power back into the hands of the homeowner. We learn and research each situation to access your real estate goals. This enables just to identify the ideal solution using our expansive real estate network, that includes real estate sales, property management, cash investors, development and construction.

Schedule a Consult

We conduct an in-depth consolation with our potential clients. Here our professional team goes over the Solve My House process.

Learn your options

After the initial consult, we then present our clients with the best possible options available. We ensure they are financially sound.

Choose a solution

Our clients then choose the solution that best fits their needs and guides you every step of the way.

Solve your house

Our experienced team solves your property problems with real solutions. Fix for rent, sell for cash, fix to sell.

Success Stories

“You guys were a godsend. We made an agreement and you followed through exactly how you explained everything. I have nothing but good things to say about you.” Tom Globe, AZ

“Working with SolveMyHouse proved to be the best decision for me and my family.”
Seattle, WA

“After my rental property was destroyed by tenants I was not sure where to turn. The SolveMyHouse team gave me the guidance and support I needed to keep from losing the house to foreclosure.”
Bakersfield, CA

Problem Property Profitable Solution

North 10th Avenue

Before Solve My House

North 10th Avenue

After Solve My House

East Linden Street

Before Solve My House

East Linden Street

After Solve My House

East Waverly Street

Before Solve My House

East Waverly Street

After Solve My House

North 10th Avenue

After Solve My House

East Linden Street

After Solve My House

East Waverly Street

After Solve My House

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will SolveMyHouse pay for my house?

We will provide you with the best possible price for your home based on recent sales in the area

What will be deducted from my price at the closing?

SolveMyHouse will pay all customary closing cost associated with the sale. All you will be responsible for paying for is the prorated portion of the county property taxes, a state tax (0.7% of the sale price) and the remaining mortgage balance (if any)…

What will I have to do to get the house ready for purchase?

SolveMyHouse will be buying it “As-Is” so you don’t have to do anything to the house no matter what the condition.

What types of property does SolveMyHouse buy?

SolveMyHouse will purchase any single-family, multi-family, townhouse or apartment building. Vacant or rented, no problem.

Where does SolveMyHouse buy houses?

SolveMyHouse buys houses anywhere in the United States.

If I agree to price, how do I get a contract, and how long do i have to decide?

We can get the contract to you in whatever way is easiest for you: email, in person courier delivery, fax, or overnight by DHL or FedEx delivery. Generally, we give 3-5 Days to accept the contract that was given to you.

If my property is in foreclosure can SolveMyHouse help?

We are very experienced with foreclosures and work very closely with many banks. We can help with most situations and usually at any stage of the foreclosure process.

What if my property is worth less than my mortgage?

SolveMyHouse works closely with short sale specialists that can walk you through the process step-by-step.

What does SolveMyHouse do with my house after they purchase it?

We are in the business of buying and selling houses and multiple house packages; we rehab, resell and rent properties

How long does the whole process take?

Generally, front the time we receive the signed contract to you, it takes 10-20 business days.

How do I get paid at closing?

By certified funds, bank check or money wire.

Is SolveMyHouse registered with the better business bureau?

Yes, we are currently in good standing.

What are the pros and cons of selling to SolveMyHouse?

Selling a home to SolveMyHouse appeals to many people who are unable to renovate or repair their home, need cash quickly, want a stress-free home sale experience, or simply don’t want to pay closing costs or commissions to a Realtor. Each consumer should weigh these advantages with the possibility of more money for the home sale using the traditional “renovate, retail and hire a realtor method”. We believe the convenience and certainty of working with us at SolveMyHouse, not having to pay the expenses of repairing or renovating your home to be able to retail it, not having to pay closing costs or commissions, along with the fair cash price we pay to you makes our approach the best option. We encourage you to review your options and make the decision that works best for you.

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